Saturday, 20 January 2018

Shocking news to youtube beginners

It's really shocking for YouTube beginners..


If you are a new to YouTube and it's being a year while you started your YouTube channel, Then this article is for you only......

Let's see what is that shocking news?

The YouTube has updated their business policies to satisfy their advertising partners,

If you are running your YouTube channel since a year then your YouTube channel should have

1) 4000hr watch time
2)1000 subscribers

I think you have got an email from YouTube...

If didn't satisfy above terms your YouTube channel is not able get monetized anymore....

You have only 30 days (Feb 20 2018) to reach the above goals..

Hardwork doesn't let you put down at any situation....

Thanks for reading my article.....

                                       All the best ____-SeLfTeCh


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